Molle-Lok - Short - Pair with Hardware by Blade-Tech

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Molle-Lok - Short - Pair with Hardware by Blade-Tech

Molle-Lok is a versatile way to quickly remove and attach your gear to MOLLE Webbing. Designed for stability and ease of use, the Molle-Lok offers a spring loaded quick release that secures your gear even in hard-use environments. Two mounting surfaces gives you the versatility for attaching your gear how you want. The Molle-Lok platform was designed to be attached to a wide range of gear like holsters, mag pouches, and whatever else you can think up.


High Strength Polymer Construction

Made with Impact-Modified Nylon 6/6, providing enhanced toughness while maintaining excellent strength, stiffness and flexibility.

Quick Release Lock

This spring loaded lock can be quickly unlocked and the Molle-Lok moved around. With a metal locking bar, your gear isn't going anywhere.

Dual Mounting Surfaces

With four holes on both sides of the Molle-Lok, you've got options on how to mount your gear and how high you mount it.

Next Level Modularity

Easily put gear on your vests, belts, or anything else that uses MOLLE Webbing. From pouches to knife sheaths, the Molle-Lok has it covered

What's Included

  • 2x  Short Molle-Lok Attachments
  • 4x  5/16" Flat Head Screws
  • 4x  1/8" Posts


Length — 1 inches (2.54 cm)

Width — 0.25 inches (0.64 cm)

Exterior Height — 4.75 inches (12.1 cm)

Interior Height — 3.25 inches (8.25 cm)

Weight — 0.05 pounds (22.68 g)

Materials — Impact-Modified Nylon 6/6

Max Operating Temperature — 293°F (145°C)

5.00 (in)
3.00 (in)
1.00 (in)